Chapter 104 – Lela’s Ikebu defense

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 We were seen off by the townspeople and arrived at the location–the square in front of the town’s north gate.
100 soldiers and 50 adventurers had been assembled.

Everyone is full of fighting spirit.
They were informed beforehand about the time when the goblins will come so, probably, they were able to prepare their state of mind.

Everyone moved outside the town and got into formation, defending the town’s gate.
The formation was shaped like a △.
Lela, Elena and I were in the front row.
Behind us were the 100 soldiers led by Lela.
While the adventurers were in the left and right wing.
And, at the center were the magicians, archers and healers.

The soldiers stared at Lela’s imposing back, who personally stood at the front line, and were inspired.

But, Lela’s side-view, which seem to cry, can be seen by Elena and I.

I talked with Elena beforehand, we decided to let Lela and the soldiers to take the credit this time.

After a while, from the forest, which can be seen in the distance, appeared one goblins after another.
Lela winced and anxiously glanced sideways towards me.
I nodded, indicating it’s fine. Lela also nodded, braced herself and turned to the front again.

I confirmed that they entered the range of bows and magic, and whispered to Lela.

「Archer unit! Magician unit! Commence firing!」

By Lela’s command, the archers and magicians launched their attacks.

Since the opponents were common goblins, that alone was enough to defeat them steadily.
However, there were also shots that failed to hit and the distance between the goblins gradually grew closer.

Soon, the leading group of the goblins will likely reach Lela.

I cast【Quick】on Lela and, each and every soldier.

「Seiji, it feels that the goblins’ movements has suddenly become slow, why is it?」
「It seems the exhilarating feeling of war.」
「I see, so it’s such a thing, huh.」

Lela completely regained her confidence at the slow movements of the goblins.
Finally, the goblins reached Lela and were cut into two with a single stroke of the rapier.

Several goblins avoided the soldiers and snuck around to the sides.
Those fellows were killed by the adventurers.

Since the goblins’ bodies interfered with the battle, I moved them by hand so it became less crowded, forming a mountain of goblins.

When the battle against the goblins continues ceaselessly for a while.
Hobgoblins start to appear.

However, with my【Slow】and Elena’s【Water magic】weakening their movements, Lela and the soldiers dispatched them one after another.

About several people received injuries but were healed by the healers at the back, enabling them to return to the frontlines immediately.

Seeing the situation being fought well beyond anyone’s expectation, the soldiers morale heightened as well.
In addition, far from being exhausted, their movements as a whole improved in reverse.
Perhaps, with the effect of my【Skill Mastery Increase】, the unit probably increased in skill as a whole as well.

With an easy victory mood, the whole unit grew exhilarated.


From the forest, a huge goblin appeared.
Though it wasn’t a prince, it was larger than a hobgoblin. Moreover, it wore an armor.

The【Appraisal】showed it was a『Goblin General』.
There is also such a thing?

The General moved straight towards Lela.
Lela also decided to meet the enemy head-on.

Since it seems slightly dangerous, I reinforced【Slow】using【Magic power reinforcement】.

The General’s first attack hit Lela.
I set up a【Barrier】in the same spot where Lela placed her shield, reducing the General’s attack.


Lela blocked the intense blow of the General, boasting of the『Mithril shield』.
However, Lela’s expression seemed a little contorted.
Although it was reduced, she probably still received a little damage by blocking the General’s attack.

Using the Mithril sword, I quickly attacked the General’s foot, making its movements even duller.
Elena quickly healed the damage Lela received.

As the General prepared its 2nd attack, it raised its sword overhead.
Carefully aiming at that instant, Lela’s rapier pierced through the right shoulder of the General.

Even as the General received an attack on its shoulder, it still swung down an attack.
However, its legs gave in as its foot didn’t function well, making its shoulder lose power as well and the 2nd attack unsteady.


Lela flicked off such an attack using a shield.

The General, whose attack was flicked off, lost its balance.
The General became defenseless for an instant and with the rapier, Lela recklessly stabbed the General’s chest and abdomen from its armor’s exterior.
It just collapsed backwards.

Those attacks that penetrated armor were amazing.


By defeating the General, it further increased the morale of the troops.

The encouraged soldiers annihilated the goblins with great vigor.

「「We did it!!」」

By stopping the goblins’ force, the soldiers and adventurers erupted in cheers of victory.

I whispered into Lela’s ear.
Lela shouted loudly.

「A new force is approaching! Brace yourselves once again!!」

The soldiers and adventurers fell silent in an instant and looked towards the forest.


With a rumble, the forest shook.
A new army of goblins gushed out from the forest.

In addition, there are so many hobgoblins and about 10 goblin generals mixed in this time.

Seeing it, the soldiers and adventurers were a little intimidated.


With a raise in tension, Lela issued forth a war cry.
The soldiers and adventurers as well, took their stances to fight back with stiffed expressions.

But, as one would expect, this much is difficult to deal with.

「Elena, if you please.」
「Yes, Seiji-sama.」

「【Magic power reinforcement】【Hail storm】!」

As Elena’s ice attribute area attack exploded, most of the hobgoblins were frozen.

However, the Goblin Generals, while destroying the hobgoblins’ ice statues, didn’t stop their advance.

The Goblin generals―
2 of them against Lela, 6 of them against the soldiers and the rest parted, charging towards the adventurers from the left and right wing with 1 each respectively.


I cast【Slow】on all Generals.
I recast【Quick】on allies that has their buff expired.
It was intense on the MP!

The archer unit and magician unit also attacked the 10 Generals, though little, it dealt damage.

At the 10 locations of each 10 Generals, intense collisions had started.

There were some people who received injuries battling against the Generals, showing how intense the clashes are.

「Elena, I’ll leave the injured people to you.」

Elena withdrew and went towards the back, supporting the healers.

I hacked one of the monsters attacking Lela, splitting it into two exact halves with the Mithril Sword.

Lela can hold out one-on-one somehow.
It seems Lela suddenly became stronger as her skill level went up.

Since Lela was fine, I decided to support the rear.
I gave priority to the locations being pushed back by the Generals, attacking using my【Water jet cutter】and continued to give support.

The adventurers, who were fighting at the outer part, defeated the Generals they were fighting with first.
The available people started to support the soldiers from left and right.

Although injured people appeared, since Elena healed them quickly, there seemed to be no problem.

Since the soldiers can now hold out against the attack, I decided to return to Lela and support her.

The General was going to strike Lela.
I completely severed the right hand of the General with my mithril sword.
In that instant, Lela pierced the General’s throat with her rapier.

The General, whose throat was pierced, *twitch* had convulsion. And, fell on its knees.

The 10 Generals were annihilated.

And, just after that.

Without time to even rejoice―

That person・・・has appeared.

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