Chapter 103 – Iron wall Lela

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 Inside the bedroom which Lela prepared, I was about to go to sleep.
But, I heard a sound outside the room.
What on earth could it be?

「E-, Elena-sama.」
「Lela-san, what’s the matter with you?」

It seems like it’s Elena and Lela. I wonder what could the both of them be doing at this hour?

*Knock knock*

「Yes, come in.」
「Excuse us for disturbing you.」「Pardon the intrusion.」

What business could these two have?

「What are the two of you doing here?」
「It’s been a while since I slept alone, I couldn’t fall asleep.」

It has been always the case since Elena had been abducted by me.

「And, Lela?」
「U-, Uhm…… i-, if the goblins suddenly attack…… since it’s da-, dangerous, it’s best if we gathered together…… I think……」

Rather than calling Lela a dere, she seems scared. Well, it can’t be helped.

「I don’t particularly mind but what are we going to do about the bed?」
「I’m fine even if I’m together with Seiji-sama.」
「N!? T-, Then, me too……」


Elena is adoringly glad.
While Lela probably feels something like a suspension bridge effect.

I was turned into a sandwich ingredient of a blonde beauty.
Whether Lela was able to feel relieved, she immediately fell asleep.
Elena found it easy to fall asleep as always.

But, what would Aya say if she saw this scene?
I’m sure she would do a flying body press.

I will also sleep now. Just when I thought so―
Lela embraced my left arm.

She seemed to be having a nightmare. With a stiffed face, she was repeatedly trembling over a short interval.

When I pat Lela’s head with my right hand, she finally calmed down and quieted with a happy expression.

I can finally sleep. When I returned my right hand and thought so―
This time, Elena embraced the right arm.
Furthermore, I could no longer move it.
Well, since it’s Elena, I permitted it.

Though I couldn’t move, I could finally sleep.

*Shudder* When Lela trembled again.
Muu, enough already.

When I looked towards Lela―
Lela and my eyes met.

「What’s wrong? Aren’t you sleeping?」
「Errr…… that.」
「What is it?」
「I need to go to the restroom……」
「N?  Isn’t it fine without saying it to me?」

「E-, Errr…… if-, if you’d like to go to the restroom as well, it’s fine to go toge-, together.」
「I’m perfectly fine.」

「No, it’s because, there’s a story in which the goblins attacks from the toilet hole……」
「Don’t worry because there aren’t any goblins nearby.」
「Possibly, there’s also something called worst case scenario.」

「Give me a break, I’m already sleepy.」
「P-, Please. I-, I will listen to everything you say…… i-, it will leak out……」

It can’t be helped.~
I somehow managed to take out the right hand which Elena embraced. After patting the head of sleeping Elena, I crawled out of the bed with Lela.


Lela illuminated the pitch-black corridor using【Light magic】.
That reminds me, Lela could use【Light magic】.

Lela hesitantly goes down the corridor. How far is the restroom?
It seems Lela is lacking concentration and *waver* her【Light magic】is flickering, reflecting a strange atmosphere.
Lela’s steps *fidget fidget* even further and it seems she can no longer maintain her concentration, making the【Light magic】finally disappear.


Surprised by the sudden disappearance of the【Light magic】, Lela, while grasping my arm with all her strength, sat down on the spot. Ouch, ouch!
Since it can’t be helped, I illuminated the corridor using【Incandescent light bulb】magic.

「I-, I’m sorry……」

It illuminated the corridor like daytime, unlike Lela’s【Light magic】. Lela also regained her composure.
With halting steps, we finally arrived in front of the restroom.

But, Lela tries to drag me inside the ladies’ restroom.

「Wa-, it. I’m going to wait here.」
「I-, In front of the stall’s door. Since it’s fine in front of the door, please wait there. Please.」

Are you the『female ghost dragging girls down the toilet1』!?  Such a ghost doesn’t exist!

「Please, i-, it would leak……」

Lela tries to drag me with watery eyes.
What should I do if I’m seen at such a place by someone?

But, I’ve been dragged inside by the ghost.

「Stay here, please.」

It can’t be helped so I stood here.
I heard a sound coming from the inside.

「D-, Don’t listen! Cover your ears!」

I ignored it and decided to wait with a stunned expression.

「S-, Seiji-sama! What are you doing in a place like this!?」

Uh oh, I’ve been caught by Elena. W-, What to do?

「Ahh, over there is Lela. Because she said that goblins might attack while in the restroom, she asked me to stand guard.」
「Elena-sama, I’m sorry. It’s my request……」

Nice follow up, Lela.

「T-, Truly, I thought……」

『I thought』what!?

「Seiji-sama, I’d like to use it as well, will that be alright?」
「Well then, I’m going to go out.」

In front of the ladies’ restroom, I waited for the two people to finish their excretion.


 The next morning, we were having breakfast inside Lela’s room―
A soldier entered in a hurry.

「Reporting. The reconnaissance unit have discovered a horde of goblins! If we infer from their current speed, they’re expected to reach this town by noon.」
「I-, I understand. Notify the soldiers and adventurers of the situation and start the preparation for the defense.」
「Yes, understood.」

The soldier went out hurriedly. Lela tried to eat breakfast but midway, her hand trembled and dropped the knife.
Lela tried to pick the fallen knife up but dropped it again.
Are you so scared?

Elena, unable to remain indifferent to such appearance, approached Lela and tightly hugged Lela’s frightened face in her chest.

「It’s alright because Seiji-sama and I will come with you.」

As she said so, she stroked Lela’s head while hugging her.
Lela, you sly. Unforgivable!

Together with Lela, who regained her composure, we finished our preparation and left the inn.

Upon exiting the inn, the townspeople crowded around the inn anxiously.

「Hey, Lela. Say something to the townspeople to reassure them.」

I whispered in a low voice.
Lela braced herself, stood in front of everyone and loudly declared.

「I am『Iron wall Lela』, daughter of the Aristocracy union knight leader, Lyle Gewalt! I will defend this town on my name『Iron wall』! People of this town, take refuge and wait with peace of mind!」

「Iron wall Lela-sama will defend our town!」
「Lela-sama annihilated the orcs, the goblins will meet a similar fate and gain easy victory!」

The townspeople cheered and praised Lela unanimously.

Along with Lela, who has a blank expression, we boldly advanced forward through the cheering crowd.

Translator notes and reference:

1Probably, the Hanako-san bathroom ghost story. Here are some of the said stories, link.↩

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