Chapter 101 – Suga defensive battle 2

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 Me and the small, medium, and large Great cat tigers glared at each other.

The prince watched us from the side.

I don’t like the calm attitude they’re exuding.
Well, I can shoot Lightning magic continuously with room to spare but doing it excessively in front of the prince is also a problem.

Because, since a little while ago, I felt someone’s『Gaze』besides the prince from somewhere.

Since I can’t confirm it on the map, if I’m being watched, it seemed not to be from nearby.
A level 4【Information magic】’s【Tracking】or there’s also a possibility of it being a magic I have no knowledge of.

So, I decided to use【Water magic】.

I took out three bottles from the inventory and opened the lid.
I manipulate the liquid contents using【Water magic】and formed a sphere.

Great cat tigers (small) and (medium) spread to the left and right.
While *Stomp stomp* Great cat tiger (large) charged straight.

I ran towards (Large) along with the『sphere』I created, and then with a「Gaon」, it opened its huge mouth wide, during which, I threw the『sphere』directly into it.
The great cat tiger (Large) was surprised and bewildered, it jumped over with a leapfrog while forcibly closing its huge mouth.

The great cat tiger (Large), who had water shot inside its mouth, violently coughed with a strange sound of「Gahon gahon」. Suddenly, *dizzy* its body began to sway and immediately after, it collapsed, toppling sideways.
(Small) and (Medium) rushed over anxiously while the Prince had a surprised look.

Great cat tiger (Large) , while being watched by (Small) and (Medium), stood up slowly. But, *stagger* its steps were unsteady.

The liquid I threw into the mouth of the great cat tiger (Large) was a liquor. Besides, it has a concentration of 96, it was a liquor with the world’s highest concentration.
I bought it for the time when we plan to make the Elixir. It wasn’t needed immediately, so I will just buy it again later.

Great cat tiger1 (Large) staggered and bumped into (Small) and (Medium), it had to have support each time. Its steps were completely tottering.
Seeing how things were, it began to coil itself around (Small) and (Medium).
(Small) and (Medium) tried their hardest to soothe it.
Great cat tiger (Large) trampled on the tail of Great cat tiger (Medium). And finally started to fight.
(Small) was at a loss, circling around the two fighting animals.

『The pets, your last ray of hope, are like this. What will you do?』
『Useless pets.』

As the prince said so, *walks slowly* it approached the Great cat tiger and swung the huge club from its waist.

The Great cat tiger (Large) and (Medium), who were fighting with each other, received the Prince’s blow and collapsed.
The Great cat tiger (Small) was frightened with the sudden occurrence and fled into the forest.

What a cheap bastard, doing such a thing!  Pet abuse is a felony!

『It was only entertainment thus far. I’ll flatten you immediately.』
『Try it if you can!』

Inside the forest where trees burned in the surroundings, there was only the Prince and I. The mortal combat will finally begin.


 While the face-off with the Prince continued.
I tried to check up on Elena.

The town’s adventurers followed Elena and fall back near the town’s entrance. The battle’s situation is reflected.
Her MP is running low, without using magic, the enemies are sent flying with【Magic rod】.

But, when I tried to check the map, the small fries decreased to the extent that it seems they will soon be annihilated.
I can now face the Prince in a mortal combat with a peace of mind.


 The Prince who had become irritated, brandished his huge club and attacked.
But, as it was a huge weapon, its speed was slow.
I quickly moved to the side and dodged it. The huge club directly hit the ground and the ground shook.


As the ground shook, I lost my footing―
The next instant, I was blown off directly to the side!

I set up a barrier just before it hit and suppressed the power. Since I blocked it with the Replica sword, there wasn’t that much damage.

But, an attack that shakes the ground is troublesome.
My timing is going to be delayed when I lose my footing.

『What kind of? Can’t do a thing?』

The guy prepared the same attack again.

I dodged it to the side in the same way and at the moment when the ground was about to shake, I jumped.


The guy stopped in the middle of his first attack, at a trajectory like the character “レ” , unleashed his second attack.
I can avoid it quickly with【Teleportation】if I like but I intentionally used【Wind magic】’s wind gust and dodged the upward attack. And, as it is, I swung down the Replica sword towards its defenseless head.


With a dry sound, the helmet that the Prince was wearing, split into two.


Riding on the momentum, I destroyed the Prince’s armor in the same way.

「Curse you! What a cheap bastard, doing such strange movements!』

Then, aiming at the Prince’s body that has become bare, I slashed using the Replica sword.

The Replica sword, which cut the Prince’s body about 1 cm, stopped.

『Was that an attack? With such an attack, you can’t damage this body of mine!』

The Prince triumphantly laughed loudly.

I give up, the attack doesn’t go through, there’s no choice but to attack using magic. But, I don’t want to reveal too much of my magic.

I put away the Replica sword and took out the【Knife】made in japan instead.

『What’s that small weapon?』

The Prince’s laugh immediately ceased.

*Pierce pierce*
I approached while dodging the Prince’s club and kept stabbing the Prince’s body producing spattering sounds.

『It hurts! How can you pierce my body with such a weapon!?』

In this way, I could defeat him if I just kept on stabbing *splatter spatter*.
Just when I thought so―

The prince, at the moment when the knife pierced, contracted its muscles on that spot making the knife can’t be pulled out.
I was puzzled for an instant on how to pull the knife out. The Prince having completed its aim, swung down its club.

I promptly throw a【Lightning fist】. The Prince became paralyzed, stopping its attack. I hastily pulled out the knife.


After that, it became a one sided development.

The Prince gradually lost the sharpness of its attack from bleeding and pain. I can now easily get close.
After attacking with a stab, I paralyzed him using【Lightning fist】.
As for pulling the【Knife】out, rather than pulling it out as it is, *grind* I rotate it and pull it out after the wound expanded.

I considerably get used to handling the【Knife】. Not only stabbing, I can now also use it to cut.

When such a thing continued for a while―
The Prince, who was covered with blood from all over, knelt down at last.

『I, I……』

Leaving those words unsaid, the Prince fell on his face and didn’t move anymore.

I dealt the finishing blow and cut off the prince’s neck. When I put the knife away in the inventory―

The『Gaze』I felt all the while, finally disappeared.

『Level went up to 35.
【Short blade techniques】acquired.
【Short blade techniques】is now level 4.』

As there was a level difference, I leveled up at once.

But, battling while hiding the trump spells till the last moment was really tiring……

When I checked the map, with Elena’s participation, the monsters had been nearly wiped out.

I can now finally let out a breath.
And I returned to where Elena is.

Translator notes and reference:

1大虎猫 a pun, also means drunkard cat.↩

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