Chapter 100 – Suga defensive battle

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 The next morning, when I woke up, *zzz* Elena slept comfortably next to me.

Yesterday, Elena used the magic tool to loosen up her whole body and fell asleep from excessive pleasure.
I’ll buy the same one as that at Akiba. It will loosen up Elena like this everyday from now on. Yep, let’s do that.

That reminds me, I’ve come here to defend Suga town.
Looking at Elena’s sleeping face, I almost forgot that point.

When I checked the map, a horde of Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs, and High orcs had been gathered.
Moreover, I was able to confirm that the Goblin prince was one of them.
Finally, the attack will probably begin.

Elena finally got up.

「Elena, are you going to use the bathroom again this morning?」
「I-, I will refrain.」

Elena blushed a little and pouted.
The sulking Elena was cute too……

Somehow or another, Elena’s mood recovered.
When we contacted Lela, they haven’t found the enemy yet around the Ikebu town. It seemed we can completely focus here.

We leisurely have breakfast using room service.
I’m equipped with【Necklace of Lightning +4】and Replica Sword.
While Elena is equipped with【Hair ornaments of Ice +1】,【Necklace of Recovery +3】,【Magic rod】on her right hand and【Ice rod +1】on her left hand.
Fully equipped, we started to subjugate the monsters who gathered around the Suga town.


 Since the enemies were dispersed widely inside the forest, we defeated the ones approaching the town one by one.
In preparation for a prolonged war, I conserved as much MP as possible.
I defeated each and everyone of them with physical attacks.

I cut the enemies using Replica sword while Elena sent them flying.

In order to not get surrounded, while moving to the right and left, we kept on cutting down the enemies in the forefront.
We were gradually getting pushed and as a result, they neared the town.

Finally, the enemy came out of the forest to the grasslands that spread out between the forest and the town. The battlefield had been moved.
The monsters came out of the forest one after another.

The townspeople who heard the sound of our battle also noticed the monsters’ invasion and closed the town’s gates.
A few adventurers and soldiers, who were left behind to maintain public order, were being gathered for the town’s defense.

「At this rate, the monsters would reach the town. Let’s change our strategy.」
「Yes. What should we do?」

「Since I’m going to charge in to defeat the Goblin prince, Elena will withdraw to the town and reduce the number of monsters using magic.」
「I-, I understand. Be careful, Seiji-sama.」

I started to charge towards the Goblin Prince while prioritizing to kill the hobgoblins and high orcs, and ignoring the small fries.

Elena, while sending the enemies who drew near flying, invoked【Hail storm】towards the crowd of enemies and somehow halted the advance of the monsters.
But, it was at the cost of Elena’s MP being depleted.

When I arrived at the center of the enemy group, the Goblin prince was waiting there.
When I appraised it―

│Name: Inpainix
│Occupation: Goblin prince

│Level: 40
│HP: 13, 105
│MP: 1, 681

│Power: 305 Endurance: 305
│Ability: 170 Magic power: 168

│【Information magic】(Lv 2)
│【Body reinforcement magic】(Lv 3)
│【Body techniques】(Lv 3)
│【Sword techniques】(Lv 3)
│【Staff techniques】 (Lv 4)

It has a name?
Amazing, unexpectedly, it possessed【Information magic】.

『You’re strong in spite of being a human.』

The Goblin prince spoke to me in fluent Goblin Language.
Weren’t all the orcs and goblins babble?
As one would expect of someone who possessed【Information magic】, was it smart?

『A very talkative goblin.』
『Hou! You can speak our language in spite of being a human? You’re an interesting guy.』

『Sorry, I can’t let you advance any further.』
『A confident human being. By any chance, are you the one who defeated my younger brother?』
「Ah, that’s right.」

Actually, it was Elena.

『That fellow is the weakest amongst us princes. It’s of no use to become conceited just because you defeated that fellow.』

The previous prince, in terms of size and status, was incomparable indeed.
But, how many goblin princes there are in total? Though I understand if it’s something like big four, or triad.

『Well, a fool who charged alone in the midst of the enemy, I will send you the netherworld immediately.』

The Prince suddenly raised its hand―
The hobgoblins and High orcs obeyed and surrounded me.

『It’s the same, I don’t even need to fight. These guys will kill you!』

The hobgoblins and high orcs raised a cry all at once, they just rotate around me and didn’t attack at all.
Are they afraid?

I became fed up―

「【Summon lightning spirit】! 【Barrier】x 5!」

I surrounded all directions simultaneously with barrier insulating Lightning and sound―
An AOE Lightning strike exploded from the Lightning spirit.
At the same time as my field of vision became pure white, a frightful earth tremor came from the ground.

When my field of vision returned to normal, the hobgoblins and high orcs laid on the ground, charred.
The Goblin prince curled up into a ball.
The lightning spirit, having read the situation, quickly went back in my body.

When I checked the map, there was gaping wide hole in the middle part of the monster group, it was shaped like a donut.
And, in the center of the donut, there’s a dot……

『That hurts! What did you do, Human? Uwa, my subordinates!?』

The Goblin prince was alive and well.
As expected of the prince, to withstood that……

When I used【Appraisal】, one-third of its HP has been decreased.

『Holding such a secret weapon unexpectedly. It can’t be helped, I will also take out my secret weapon.』

As the prince said so, he took out something like a magic stone.

『Come out! Pets!』

When the prince threw the item―
From inside the magic-stone-like item, 3『Tigers』appeared.

【Monster ball】!

The tigers are black-and-white in color and they are also huge, the size of a garbage truck.

The 3 tigers cried「Gaon」in a low voice and gathered around the Prince.

『How are they? They are cute, aren’t they? My pets.』

The 3 tigers rubbed themselves against the prince.
Since the Prince and the tigers both had huge sizes, the normal impression was that they appeared to be just like a reduced scale.

I tried to use【Appraisal】―

│Race: Great cat tiger

│Level: 35
│HP: 3, 054

│Power: 153 Endurance: 153
│Ability: 153 Magic power: 102

It seems their race is『Great cat tiger』.
And they’re strong as well.

『You guys, go!』

With the prince’s signal, the three Great cat tigers lunged simultaneously.
When I dodged by jumping―
The smallest of the three, stepped over on the back of the biggest one and jumped, catching up to me.


Although I promptly set a【Barrier】up, the attack of the small Great cat tiger destroyed the barrier. Its claws caught my body and I received its attack, blowing my body away.
Since the barrier became a buffer material, I received less damage. But I couldn’t free myself from being blown away.
When I looked towards the place where I will be landing on, the medium Great cat tiger was waiting.

「【Electric shock】!」

I cast Electric shock towards the waiting Great cat tiger.
Since that fellow was paralyzed from moving, I step over its face and managed to land.

When I sensed『Danger』from behind and looked back, the small guy was approaching from behind.
But, it was surprised that I managed to land, the tempo of its attack was delayed.
I jumped towards the approaching small guy and attacked with replica sword in reverse grip.

The small guy received the replica sword by its claws but didn’t managed to stop the momentum of my attack. And it was blown away to the back.
When it seemed it was about to crash into the ground, at the last moment, the big guy caught it and rebuild their order which I thought had become disarray.

What a coordinated attack.
Quite formidable.

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