Chapter 6 – Scheme

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Sou and the rest are shown to their respective rooms――――

「Moses. Is there a person among the hero group who wouldn’t follow us absolutely……?」

「Yes, Your Majesty. That person is the one who disturbed the audience earlier. That person seem to understand that the subjugation of the great demon king is just a pretext.」

「Wa-! That person…… he’s looking down on me! Unacceptable!」

「It’s dangerous. We have to deal with that person before he influence other heroes. With regards to the other heroes, if that person disappears, they won’t be able to defy us. Since, the leader seemed to be that Sawaki person who agreed to fight the great demon king.」


「Well. The risk is indeed too high. We don’t know yet what kind of ability that hero has. Even if we succeed, there’s also the possibility of being discovered depending on the abilities of the other heroes.」

「Then, do what you must! It seems Elise has taken a liking to that person! We shouldn’t keep him here any longer! If a mistake were to happen, it will be terrible to look at……」

「Please calm down, Your Majesty. We should make it appear that, that person left here himself. Tomorrow, I will hand him some gold when I see him alone, I will have him leave peacefully.」

「……It’s unacceptable but it can’t be helped. It’s much better than him being here. Let’s hope that his ability is useless in tomorrow’s ability appraisal. It will be much more persuasive when we kick him out of here.」

「Un. If Elise-sama were to ask the other heroes why that person leave, we’ll have a perfect explanation……」

「Tomorrow is everything.」

Thus, the King is happy with the elaborate scheme……

Sou’s room――

「Hmmm… what should I do?」

Though grandpa god said that I can use my ultimate ability when I step into Asgard but I don’t know its specifics……To begin with, what’s my ability can do? I should’ve ask grandpa god more about it…… I’ll know when they appraise my ability tomorrow. But, it’s going to be troublesome if they found out my ultimate ability. If they did found out, I’ll likely be forced to something so let’s escape using it tomorrow. Yup. Let’s do that. I’ll probably be able to use my ability when I know more about it……

When we were summoned at the end of our lunch break, it’s already night here so I was surprised when I peeked out of the window. I was convinced when the maid called out「Your dinner is here」a little while ago. I must get used to the time difference. By the way, I ate all there was to my dinner even though I just had my lunch earlier.The maid brought it all the way with great pains after all.

Let’s talk to Hero Sawaki again tomorrow. I don’t want to get any more tired than today. Everything I say will be wasted anyway with him in Hero mode. I’ve became mentally tired by coming to this unfamiliar world……there will be many things that will happen tomorrow so let’s sleep for today……

Chinatsu’s room――

「Kotomi-chan…… I wonder what happened to Sawaki-kun.」

「Isn’t he originally an ally of justice? I think he yearned for that for a long time. He’s a boy…… since he became a hero when we came here……」

Currently, Kotomi visited the room that Chinatsu staying at and talk about various things.

「Is that so…… but it’s the first time Sou-kun expressed his opinion like that. Though he spoke in behalf of the people who didn’t want to fight…… I could only helplessly watch.」

「Me too. We weren’t able to follow up Saotome-kun because we were swallowed by the atmosphere……」

「We’re useless……」


A depressing atmosphere covered the entire room.

「Alright! Saying it now is also useless, let’s not hesitate again! If a similar scene happen tomorrow, I’ll try to help Sou-kun this time!」

「Yes! I hate that I couldn’t to anything even though Saotome-kun gave me an encouragement earlier today!」

「Yeah! E-even though Sou-kun told me to stay by his side!」

「Chinatsu…… you dramatically ask something like that to Saotome-kun! Why!? Perhaps, you only want to talk to him while staying near him, right? It’s enviable……」

「Fufufu. I’m one step ahead~ Kotomi-chan.」Doya~tsu!1


These two people are somehow giggling while talking, they are unexpectedly lively for the first time since coming to this world.

「I actually want to go to Sou-kun’s room and apologize for what happened in the throne room today but they will put the lights out soon.」

「That’s right. Let’s properly apologize tomorrow.」

Thus, the first day of being summoned have passed. And tomorrow, Sou will take the first step to his legend.

Translator notes and reference:

1From Japanese doya-gao (ドヤ顔, どやがお). A smug face made after a win or something epic (or not). Doya-gao, because of this nature, tend to be irritating ― – Doya-gao (Thank you, Rainbow Curry of Agonizing death!)↩

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