Chapter 13 – Before the journey

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After we defeated the goblins, I checked my status using〈Identify〉to see if my level went up. By the way, Lexa is cutting the left ears of the goblin for some reason. I’ll ask her the reason later.


Saotome Sou | Male | Celestial | 16 years old

Level: 2
HP: 24
MP: 35

Attack power: 20(+2)
Defense: 19
Speed: 25
Charm: 60
Luck: 50

Weapon: Club(ATK+2)

Ultimate ability

Time stop(5s)

Special ability

Identify, empty(4)



Otherworlder, Hero, Grandson of the ultimate god


My stats went up by a large margin than before…… are Heroes all like this? Thanks to the club, my attack power became 22. My MP increased but it’s useless without even basic magic. Both charm and luck didn’t increased. It’s understandable because if luck increases every time the level went up, there will be so many lucky people. As for the charm, I don’t quite understand it.

This time, let’s use〈Identify〉to check every section of my status.


A Hybrid species that was born between an angel and a human. It takes over the characteristics of angels, boosts stat gains as the level raises. In addition, it takes over the special ability properties of the two. A tendency to become expressionless because of the angel’s blood flowing within but there’s also a tendency to change expression because of the human’s blood flowing within.


An innate talent a person has. It may further increase depending on the person. The higher the charm value is, the easier it is to charm people.


One’s born with. If one possess a 30 points of luck, it’s considered good luck.


A wooden club made bu a goblin. The attack power varies depending on the ability of the goblin who made it (margin of error).

Special ability

Unlike magic ability, it didn’t consume MP when used. Has an extremely large AOE1, there are non-combat and combat abilities. There are different and countless kinds of abilities, even if they look the same ability there will be a difference in properties. Even a seemingly weak ability, if one fully understand how to use the ability itself, it can become a powerful ability.


It makes the special ability section only visible to oneself. The entire details are unknown of how this is achieved, but there seems to be a special condition2. The moment one truly wish for the ability, one can get a hold of an ability that possesses an irregular effect outside of the norm.


Consumes MP when used. Can be learned through memorizing a magic book which can be found in places like dungeons3. Although very rare, it can sometimes be acquired through titles. In addition, there are also people who have innate talent and possessed magic. When one was summoned as a hero, their body sometimes possessed magic

……So my boosted stat gains when I level up was because of the title celestial. But the special ability became empty(4) in which was originally empty(5), otherworlder, Hero, their effects combined with the celestial……

The special condition in the description of the (Empty) must be to go through the tea-ceremony room. As for how to go through the tea-ceremony room to achieve that special ability, it’s only if granda god wishes to. It was probably forgotten but it’s good as a result.

Next, charm……is this true? And it charms people. No, I’m not doubting〈Identify〉sensei. Lexa’s charm of 35 is lower than mine. It’s impossible for a twintail to be less charming than me!

As for luck……what’s this? A 30 points is good luck? 50 points of luck……I wonder if its considered great luck or super luck. It have a credibility because I met this twintails blond bishojo. Maybe I’ll meet one girl after another thanks to this luck….. And it will eventually form a harem……mufufu.

「Sou…… I find you strange and hard to understand because you’re expressionless.」

「……Rude. That’s not true.」


「Stop looking at me like that.」

Seriously!? Impossible, my mufufu delusion was sensed by Lexa! What kind of person is this girl……

「Well good. Did you confirmed your status?」

「For now. Are you finished with your mysterious action of cutting off the ears over there?」

「It’s not mysterious! I’ll bring them into the adventurers’ guild.」

「You’ll sell those ears?」

I wonder what they do with the goblin’s left ears they bought?

「It’s a subjugation proof……Sou, you didn’t even know such a thing!?」

「That’s…… I’m a country bumpkin.」

「I thought you said you came from the Royal Capital a little while ago…… besides, weren’t you an adventurer?」

「I’ll be sure to remember that in the future.」

So, Lexa is an adventurer. There was a subjugation proof!? It was good that I met Lexa early.

「W-, what? I’ll be troubled if you stared at me like that……」

「No, I just thought that it was good that I met Lexa.」

「W-, w-, w-, wwwhat are you saying!? Idiot……」

「Why is your face became red!?」

Sou is really worthy of being unaware of things.

「I-, it’s nothing!」

「I see. Well then, let’s go.」

「Alright. Sou……you’re not bringing anything on you?」

「Well. I’ve brought some money.」

Currently, Lexa is carrying a large backpack. It had been tossed to the side because it will get in the way during combat it seems. Something that you can put your things during the journey seems to be necessary…… In this case, it’s really abnormal for Sou to go on a journey without bringing anything on him.

「Really……what a nerve!」

「Sorry. It’s because I leave in a hurry.」

「Instead of going back to the Royal Capital, I think it’s better if we go on ahead to the town of Dire.」

「Oh, then so be it. At least, let me carry the backpack.」

I’m a man after all. This much should be possible.

「Ya~ It’s nice of you.」

「Not really.」

Sou is a natural airhead and Lexa is a fairly simple woman. A great man have an immunity for such problem.

「Is it safe to camp along the way?」

「Should be fine. Or rather, that’s what most men ordinarily says. I’m here so it’s alright.」

「O-, okay! S-, Sou wouldn’t do something strange to me, right?」


I’m not a scum to do that. I won’t absolutely do such a thing, no matter how much my desires flurry inside my mind.

「I’ll get angry if you do something adversely to what you just said, okay?……」

「How many times do I need to say it?……」

The two people was unexpectedly a good match.

Translator notes and reference:

1Abbr. for Area of Effect, a gaming term↩
2This is quite difficult for me to put into words, it’s referring on how his special ability section achieved that state of being (empty), if that’s actually make any sense↩

Sou’s stats after level up:

LVL: 1 -> 2; HP: 15 -> 24; MP: 20 -> 35; ATK: 12 -> 20; DEF: 10 -> 19; SPD: 15 -> 25

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