Chapter 12 – The girl named Lexa

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Sou is walking leisurely towards the main road, he frequently looked around to ease his mind about the situation. The reason being, he’s looking for a goblin. However, there’s nothing, let alone a shadow of a goblin. There’s only the plain that stretched to the distance as far as the eye could see.

「It’s peaceful……」

The first encounter was near the main road and he didn’t even defeat the goblin brilliantly is what he wants to tsukommi. Sou already gave up on looking for creatures, he turned forward and hastened his steps towards the main road.

After walking for awhile, the main road can be seen at last. However, he saw three green monsters with familiar physique, fighting with someone. Sou was secretly pleased to find a goblin and quickly ran towards that place. However, while he thought the situation is excellent but no matter what it’s still a crowd of goblin.

When Sou got closer, the figure of the person that’s battling the goblin became glued to his eyes.


Twintails! A・N・D, blond too! Different world, good job!

A western type blond hair which was tied below the ears that flows smoothly! Despite that, you can see that she’s strong-minded with cat-like eyes. Her clothes, a thin metallic breastplate on top of a black T-shirt, red checkered mini skirt with black knee high socks. With that appearance, I thought to myself,「Is this really a different world?」.

If not for the metal breastplate, the appearance will look normally Earth-like. Because, such a girl is fighting the goblins, it’s quite surreal.

Good grief……I made a trip here again. Though I think it’s hard for a girl to fight the goblins. I wonder, if I’m to help her now will it become a good development? Or I should declare,「This is my prey! Don’t interfere!」will be better? Currently, the fight had reached a stalemate. They are putting up a good fight though if I were to interfere it wouldn’t be a close fight.1

When I’m thinking such things while they are fighting in front of my eyes……

「Y-, you who’s just standing there.」


「Why are you ignoring me!」

「Is it me?」

「There’s no one else here so I’m talking to you!」

「What’s wrong?」

「How dare you say such words in this situation!?」

The girl called out to me while fending off the attack of the goblins. Because it was sudden, I was a little embarrassed and it became like a comedy skit.

「Do you need help?」

「Of course! Are you going to fight with that weapon?」

Oh, this wooden club was taken from a goblin….. this is the same thing as the three goblins you’re now fighting with have!

「Well, I’ll take on the 2 on the right side, you concentrate on defeating the one on the left.」

「Eh, are you going to be alright with 2 opponents!?」

Rude. Well, I certainly don’t look strong. In fact, I’m just level 1.

But, it doesn’t matter once I stop the time! Even if I do something while using it, no one would be able tell because its description is, it makes the world stop. I can use this ability out in the open.

I used〈Identify〉and saw my opponents are Level 5 and 8. Hopefully, I’ll level up after defeating these guys.  Please work! No, I beg of you!

「I’m alright. It will end in an instant.」

「How confident……then don’t beg for help!」

She slashed at the goblin on the left side as she declared so.

Because we talked so much the 2 goblin on the right side noticed my presence, they seem to decide to prey on me first. They are intimidatingly drooling. Both of them has a charm of 3. It’s so low as usual that it becomes so pitiful.

「Well then……let’s end this.」


I said secretly inside my mind like a chuuni.

Sou quickly strike the 2 goblin in the face down to the ground, the club was swung down directly to the 2 goblin’s faces again and again alternately like a whack-a-mole game.

After 5 seconds, the time stop faded and the level 5 goblin died. The level 8 goblin has only 3 HP left and in critical condition. He slammed down the club and finished off the dying goblin and the battle ended unceremoniously. At that moment――


I heard a sound. Perhaps, my level went up. I’ll check it using〈Identify〉later……

I looked towards the twintails bishojo curiously, she held two swords and thrust one of them into the goblin’s chest. It seemed the battle is over there too.

Iya~ thank god. It seems to have been over safely without injuries. Even so, what is that girl doing in a place like this? The atmosphere doesn’t seem to be monster hunting. With her equipment, she’s making light of hunting.

「Hey, what did you do just a while ago?」

「What did I do?」

The twintails bishojo spoke after the combat.

「It’s useless to feign ignorance. I’ve seen it!」

「You’ve seen, what?」

The time stop ability have been discovered!? I’m such an idiot! Impossible! This girl needs to be stopped and smashed before it’s too late!

W-, When I’m thinking such things like some foolish villain――

「Hey, when I just looked away, did you beat those guys at lightning speed!?」


「How? No way, right!?」


It wasn’t discovered after all. I impatiently swing the bat and missed the ball. If I think carefully, it seems my fight looks that way. Normally, it would be like「That’s time stop!?」sort of development. However, why’s this girl so curious? It’s going to come out eventually.

「What are you babbling about?…… But, I knew it wasn’t something like that! Actually, you did pretty well!」

「Why, thank you.」

「Be glad I’m praising you!」

「I have a reputation for being expressionless.」

「It doesn’t make any sense!」

「I guess.」

Sou was thinking to keep the false story going while trying to catch even a little bit of slip up words.

Come to think of it, this is a different world but there’s no language barrier, can I write the characters/letters that I’ve seen at the Royal Palace? I wonder what language is used in this different world? I didn’t care of that until now. Well, I couldn’t care less.

Sou was a pretty unresponsible guy.

「By the way, what are you doing around here?」

「Taking a walk.」


「I came from the Royal Capital, it’s a long story but I just bump into you when I’m following along this main road to return.」

What’s this? This girl spoke imperceptibly without tension before I knew it. At first, I thought that this twintails blond bishojo was nervous but……

「So you came from the Royal Capital too. I just went somewhere out of the Royal Capital just a little while ago too.」

「I see……so you came from the Royal Capital.」

Now, I just arrived a short while ago too~ what a coincidence. I wonder what kind of feeling is travelling in this world be?

「Just speak to me casually. My name is Lexa Redford! And you?」

「So it’s Lexa then. It’s okay, if you talk to me casually too. I’m Saotome Sou. No, Sou Saotome is probably more appropriate.」

Somehow this girl didn’t mind to be called with just Lexa, she’s probably not used to being called politely with san.

「If that’s the case, like this?」2

「Don’t worry about trivial things.」


「I said, don’t worry about it.」

Don’t just stare at me silently like that! Your face is a little red, are you angry?

「What do you plan on doing now, S-, Sou?」

「I haven’t particularly decided yet. If anything, I want to leave from the Royal Capital.」

It’s so fresh when my name was called without honorifics. I’m a little happy……

「I-, Is that so. That means we’re in similar circumstances.」

「No, but I don’t know Lexa’s circumstances……」

「Well then, l-,let’s go together to the closest town from here first.」

「No, separately is fine.」


Oops. Lexa glared at me angrily when I refused to go together. This is a chance to know more things about this world, I couldn’t afford to let go this precious twintails blonde bishojo, the only problem is her attitude. But, I wonder what kind of interesting reaction she’ll do if I do something a little nasty.

「I’m different, I can defeat monsters and travel there alone unlike Lexa(Actually, I don’t even know the name of the nearest town).」

「Ugh, i-, it’s probably true but……」

「Well, I don’t mind if Lexa insist.」

「O-, one……」


It’s regrettable. Her eyes became watery. Are we going to part here? But, why am I feeling S-ish3 towards Lexa? It’s probably because of my communication disorder. It’s okay even if only just a touch.

「O-, Onegai shimasu! W-, what! There, I said it!」

「I was just joking……」


This girl is really interesting. Or should I say, easy to deal with…… Oh, I wonder if I could see Lexa’s status using〈Identify〉?

Sensei, please!


Lexa Redford | Female | Human | 15 years old

Level: 3
HP: 24
MP: 10

Attack power: 22(+5)
Defense: 17
Speed: 20
Charm: 35
Luck: 20

Weapon: Dual iron sword(ATK+5)

Special ability

Den-ryoku《Electric Power》






Hou, this is the first time I used it on a person but it worked well. I’m sorry if I used it without permission. Though I don’t care myself. Lexa isn’t that strong, she’s just level 3 according to the status. I realized by looking at this, does it mean my charm and luck is high? If I look at the people’s statuses I’ll gradually understand……

Lexa have a special ability. I wonder what Den-ryoku is. Let’s check it later.

「Hey! Hold on! How can you just stare at a person’s face like that(?).」

「Sorry. I was just thinking of something.」

「What are you thinking about when looking at my face!? C-, Could it be……」

「……What is it?」

Did you just blushed a moment ago? Lexa-san.

「D-, Don’t think something ecchi!」

「……Do you know what? There’s an 80% chance that when you said I’m thinking something erotic, it’s you who’s thinking something erotic (it’s a lie).」

「I-, i-, idiottttt!!」

Since coming to the different world, The loudest scream of shame that Sou ever heard was Lexa’s.

Translator notes and reference:

2She’s using kotchi here which is I think more casual than kochira↩
3Sadistic (thanks to guys from novelupdates)↩

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